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Since it's been awhile since I have last posted, somehow I feel that I should write something worthwhile and meaningful, something that posterity can have to utilize in their literary analysis's and carry on through future generations, a proverbial time-capsule, if you will.

Then I decided I have waaaay too much homework to do.

This weekend was awesome. Had fun, in my room, with people, not being alone or by myself to contemplate the mysteries and horrors of the Universe. Much television was watched. Many movies were viewed. Much discussion and very little homework occurred. And that
s just the way I like it! Actually, I was sort of hoping to get some work done this weekend and get ahead for next week, but since I didn't have one weekend like this all last semester (or so it seems, like me know if we had a fun time and I have utterly offended you with the previous statement), it felt like a little self indulgence time. The drunk dialings that I received also helped to brighten my evening. Woot for lost inhibitions!

Plus, Saturday night I slept with 2 guys and 2 girls in my bed. I was on top. And someone else ended up on the futon.

Okay, fine, it was Alyssa and Steff on uber-bed, with Chris at the foot, Brad on the futon and I passed out on the lofty-mountain, but it's much more fun and naughty when you say it the first way. And none of them seem to mind.....:)

Already this first week of classes has been better than last semester's. And no one has died! So pluses and gold stars all around. Tonight I have a presentation at PRISM on LGBT People of Color, and so far I have tons of information and no way to funnel it into a cohesive fashion. Ah, well. I've got around 6 or 7 hours to work on that.

Now that the banana taste has spread from my tongue down to the sides of my mouth as it is prone to do, and the icky little feeling of uncleanliness has settled amongst my gums, I feel that I should brush my teeth, work on presentations, do a little reading, and then veg in front of my minute television set. Valete omnes!

(aw, shit. I am a Latin nerd, aren't I?)



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